Staycold has earned a reputation for engineering excellence and rugged build quality. How do we do it? Partly it’s because we use the best brand name components such as Embraco compressors, German EBM fans and Danfoss controllers. It’s also partly because we don’t stint on specifications either. Here is a review of the standard and optional features of the product range.

Standard Features

Tropical Specification

All Staycold upright chillers are designed for use in Climate Class 5 environments of up to 40 Centigrade.

Electronic Control with voltage protection

All Staycold models excluding the camping range and the HD520 feature an electronic control with temperature display. This improves temperature accuracy, improves efficiency, and manages an automatic defrost cycle. Voltage protection is built in as standard, protecting the compressor from the damaging effects of an unstable voltage supply.

Low E Glass

Low E glass is standard on every Staycold model. In high humidity areas it helps to reduce condensation as can be seen in the photo comparing two coolers. The Pepsi cooler on the left does not have Low E glass and the door can be seen to be running with water. The Staycold on the right has Low E and the glass is bone dry. As well as reducing the effects of high humidity, it improves energy efficiency.

Excellent Sliding Doors

Staycold was the first factory to produce self-closing sliding doors and our system is still the best and most reliable on the market. Not a pully, weight, or string in sight. Just good, reliable, simple engineering.

A “stay open” catch is supplied to facilitate
ease of loading.

Safety Glass

Staycold uses two layers of toughened safety glass. A common money saving ploy used by low quality manufacturers is only to use one layer, but Staycold uses two layers. This ensures compliance with the highest safety standards. In the event of a door breakage, the glass will shatter into small squares, like a car windscreen.

Anti Corrosion

Staycold cabinets are built using extensive anti corrosion measures throughout.

Adjustable Shelves

Staycold shelves are easily fitted and height adjusted using tough shelf clips. Double door models have 2 shelves either side, independently height adjustable.

Front Venting

Staycold upright models can be built in providing the front is unobstructed. A tough metal grille provides access to the compressor compartment.

Multi-point Quality Control Testing Procedure

Every Staycold cabinet is examined for electrical safety and cooling performance at the same time as a host of aesthetic and functional tests.

Adjustable Feet

The cabinet can be levelled simply by adjusting
the feet.

Copper and Aluminium Heat Exchangers

Staycold use only the very best copper and aluminium heat exchangers. These are more expensive but they last longer and are less prone to expensive leakages due to their corrosion resistant properties. Steel or aluminium is the cheaper alternative but these are inferior to the copper in this application.

Optional Features


A lock can be fitted to most Staycold models
if required.

Gravity Feed Shelving

Brand owners can specify most types of commonly available gravity feed systems such as VisiSlide, Bevtrac, In Line, etc


Lockable castors are optional.